bluepath telecommunication
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Permit identification and submission

Location and relocation

Joint use liaison

Environmental analysis and permitting

Intrastate long-haul network design

Construction management and inspections

Construction drawing preparation and review

Bridge attachment and design

Riser conduit design

Railroad crossing designs

Building entrance conduit design

Interconnect and regeneration facility design

Interconnected route design

Utility investigations and locations

Existing facility assessment

As-built documentation

Intercity backbone connections

Feasibility studies

Infrastructure solutions

ROW investigation and procurement

Equipment migrations

Traffic control plans

Route planning

Directional bore designs

Quality assurance and control


Fiber optic installations

Wireless broadband

Computer cabling

Surveillance and security

Program and project management

Easement of negotiations and acquisitions

Information technology consultations

Metropolitan network ring and design

Communication network services

Cable management system design

Structuring of cables for computers

Facility and design

Quality assurance and control